Inspiring Better Living through Thoughtful food Experiences

Grown from passion and delivered with the excellence of an artist; Cajun DaVinci knows your #TourOfTheTastebuds will be our best yet. Our Executive Chef, Ray Tatum, crafts each menu based on seasonal and sustainable products. We source the freshest fish and the most delicious locally produced veggies. Through our food and advocacy, we hope to continue to support small farmers, backyard gardeners, and responsible fishing.

We aim to INSPIRE you to LIVE better though THOUGHTFUL food EXPERIENCES. Each meal is crafted by the seasons and created to engage you in conversations about humanity. We partner with local farms and search for sustainable food practices in every dinner that Cajun DaVinci presents – each is unique, bold and unforgettable.

“You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together” – Anthony Bourdain