Farm Visit – Bonton Farms

After hearing that, the one and only, @dallasMavs (corporate) had partnered with this Dallas farm – – – >we had to see what all the fuss was about and get involved. So, on a rainy afternoon, we took a drive down to Bonton Farms in South Dallas and got to meet Executive Director, Daron Babcock.


My mother still tells me, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” – Well, with food it’s sorta the ‘same-same–but different’   /=   “It’s not JUST how you eat, but what” ((and WHEN- for another post though)).

Food deserts or food swamps can be found across America and the world.  At first glance, the USDA maps are confusing and a bit cumbersome to read – don’t let it discourage you from taking in the important statistics.

Some of our favorite stats can be found here:

It’s pretty simple really: your neighbors are hungry and not getting the nutrition they need – or maybe you realizing, “THAT’S IT =( I KNEW it was HARD for ME to get a DECENT MEAL or VEGGIES, nearby!” — We’ve felt that way before and known how hard it is to find options.

Please, don’t be discouraged. Take action in your hometown by contacting your local food bank, finding a local farm and getting out to your farmer’s markets! Don’t forget to ask them if they take SNAP benefits.

Where to garden:

Find out if there is a community garden in your neighborhood. Visit the American Community Garden Association at to find a garden near you. If you can’t find a garden there, do a Google search “community garden” + the name of the neighborhood/town you’d like to garden. If there is no community garden near you, think about working to start one. Some tips on starting are here:
If you live in public housing, ask management if there might be space to garden. Contact your municipal Parks Department to find out if there’s any public land that can be gardened.

(Oh, did you know SNAP benefits can be used for gardening supplies?)
NOT SO FUN FACTS – FOOD SWAMPS – LOW/HIGH Income Death Obesity Rates

We look forward to partnering with Bonton Farms in the future for dinners in the DFW area.


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