Woah there 2020

So, first and foremost – We could not be more grateful for the love and support we have constantly received from our ‘fans’. We have been honored to cook for so many amazing folks over the last few years.

2018/2019 Chef Ray was working with a company for Live Nation events – giving him amazing opportunities to cook for such stars as Justin Timberlake, Reba McEntire, P!nk, and many more. The experience was beyond what words can describe – exciting and thrilling to share our passion for pescavegan food with these tours and their crews.

In early 2019, we relocated to Boulder, Colorado in hopes of taking some time off and starting our own family. Rhonda gave birth to Griffin in early February 2020. We are thrilled to have started this next chapter of our lives and will be taking some time to focus on our new adventure.

Stay tuned – we’ll be back 2021.