Once a season we host a phenomenal dinner – Join us!

Private/Personal Chef:

Chef Ray Fall 2017Chef Ray and his team will provide the most select hand-picked produce to cook for each meal in your plan. We, typically, work with you for 2 weeks prior to your need and build your plan based on dietary specifications, food preferences, and Chef Ray’s guidance.

Private / Personal chef services range from long-term, live-in, to single evening/special occasion dinner parties and catering.

Contact us with details: Reserve your dates now

Travel Chef:

Cajun DaVinci is available to travel to any location worldwide! We can even help you book fantastic locations; see our Yes, We Love Travel, Too! page.  We love to travel and have been sourcing the best of the best from our own personal travels and friends’ recommendations.

We are able to offer mere recommendations or we can provide full concierge services arranging your travel and providing tours (per request) – Cajun DaVinci is here to help.


We can help you plan any getaway:
Emerald Coast (Example: Beach properties, freshly caught fish, paddle boards)
European Tours (Example: River Cruises, museums, beautiful Italian coastlines)
Bachelor Parties (Example: fishing lodges and backpacking)
Bachelorette Getaways (Example: New Orleans’ tea time and night light bike rides)
Babymoons (Example: Romantic getaways crafted with you and your love alone)
and more  –
Travel expenses included in compensation package.


rhonda greenWe help small restaurants, bars or catering businesses’ looking for new ideas on vegan and pescatarian menu development. We can also help connect to local farmers to provide cheaper options for fresher produce.

Cajun DaVinci is available for special events where you just need an extra set of experienced hands. Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term services we are custom tailored to suit the needs of our clients while respecting our principles and values.

Our pricing model depends on the size, location, and your personal lifestyle and budget. All services include buying, preparing, executing, cleaning and kitchen organization as well as service cost.